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Writer's Block: Friend Me
They say love lasts three years -- what about friendship? How many people are you still friends with that you were three years ago? Whose lost friendship do you miss the most?

First of all, I've never heard the saying "love lasts three years" and what's more, I think that's absolute tosh. Love is far more fleeting than that.

I jest - love is far more ever-lasting than that! (I hope!)

I am friends with probably most of the people I was friends with three years ago. The frequency with which I see some has diminished/increased in some cases, though.

I miss the friendship of two people in particular. Both female, both dear, dear friends. One I'm still in contact with, but our relationship has shifted so dramatically that, sadly, I don't think we will ever be friends like we used to be again. The other is my ex girlfriend. Sounds crazy, I know, but I still miss her friendship a lot.


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